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The Pacific Beach EcoDistrict aims to increase equity, resilience and climate protection for the PB region by bolstering Economic Vitality, Accessible Neighborhood Housing, and Low Carbon Mobility. Since its founding in 2013, the EcoDistrict Model has demonstrated that neighborhoods are the ideal scale to innovate equitable, sustainable development in cities (https://tinyurl.com/y7rbeauo). Today, a diverse cross-sector coalition of PB volunteers and funders are united in addressing high business failure rates, increasing income inequality, unusually-long trip distances, unsafe and illegal bike commuting (2018 PB Counts Mobility Report), and record high 2018 housing costs. PB EcoDistrict Case: https://tinyurl.com/y7wfabvh).

Alignment with Public Policy: EcoDistrict goals are top local government priorities:
-City of SD Neighborhood Economic Plan
-City of SD Climate Action Plan with mobility and equity (PB EcoDistrict Project Design Checklist adopted by City of SD)
-VisionZero: transportation fatalities to zero
-Affordable housing
-Placemaking policy (adopted by City of SD)
-Multi-use zoning (current PB Community Plan not yet implemented)
-Safe Routes to School

Local Engagement: beautifulPB has a stellar record of including local resident leadership via community organizations, direct contact, and events (ie. EcoDistrict Holiday Lane). It will expand engagement via its Art in Place program, outreach to business housing leaders. Partners include many with signed agreements (below) and collaborative history: Sustainability Matters, PB Planning Group, APA, ULI, MB Town Council, DiscoverPB , SavePB.org, Friends of Rose Creek, SD Audubon Society, and SD Coastkeeper.

Sustainability: The generosity of grassroots volunteers has sustained EcoDistrict Development from achieving zero waste materials management to highlighting pedestrian crossings with collaborative community art administered by hundreds of volunteers. The organization has raised well over $600,000 across all sectors, and has tens of thousands committed into 2019 from JNFinancial, San Diego Credit Union, and local businesses. Karl Strauss and Amplified Ale produce a local Pathway Ale to sustain bPB efforts

Innovation: EcoDistricts eliminate silos in the development field, impacting socioeconomic outcomes regardless of income. The result is systemic multi-level change. PB EcoDistrict to date defined and supported CAP policy, Placemaking Policy, Safe Routes and equity aims. Its success is partly its emphasis on resilient socioeconomic and ecological systems. A CIT provides opportunity underserved businesses, while environmental protection is resource-smart and minimizes long-term risk for those same businesses.

View the EcoDistrict Framework Document 

EcoDistrict Community Partners commit to the EcoDistrict Principles and define their individual roles for strengthening our community foundation in the Declaration of Cooperation.

View our Declaration of Cooperation

beautifulPB in collaboration with the Pacific Beach Planning Group (PBPG) developed a checklist for EcoDistrict compatibility. The checklist is used during project review by the PBPG.

View Project Design Checklist for PB EcoDistrict Compatibility

View PB EcoDistrict COVID-19 Resource Guide (as of April 14, 2020)