the team

Under the oversight of the PBPG a group of volunteer professionals, the PB Parks Expert Team, was formed to develop a conceptual plan and a platform for sustainable success. To date (June 2011–December 2012) the PB Parks Expert Team has provided volunteer services as follows:

Chris Olson, PBPG Citizen Community Planner: 480 hours
Matt Winter AIA, Davis Davis Architects: 185 hours
Hilary Lowe, Assoc. AIA, Mark Mitchell Architecture & Planning: 100 hours
Kristen Victor, Sustainability Matters, (Sustainability and Community Benefit District Development): 260 Hours
Paul Ross, Land Use Planner, PB Consulting: 290 Hours
David McCullough, McCullough Landscape Arch.: 100 hours
Jerry Hall, DataJuncture & Austin Landow, Basinga! solutions (Website Development): 40 hours

  Kristen Victor
Sustainable Communities Consultant
Sustainability Matters
  Chris Olson
PB resident, PB Planning Group
Pacific Beach Planning Group
  Matthew Winter
Davis Davis Architects 
  Hilary Lowe
PB Resident, Drafter & Designer, Architectural Intern
  David McCullough
Landscape Architect
McCullough Landscape Architecture, Inc.
  Paul Ross
PB Consulting