130109 Culture

Community Inspiration for the Pacific Beach Parks Project

Rendering representations of possible options for Pacific Beach in the PB Parks area, by David McCullough.


2130109 Site Sections

Site Sections December 2012

PB Parks Conceptual Plan Updated June 6, 2012

PB Parks Conceptual Plan January 30, 2012


Possible Alternatives for the Seawall from Grand Avenue to PB Drive, Magnify to View


Watch a video of the PB Boardwalk North of Grand

2 comments on “vision
  1. Suzanne Landa says:

    You have developed a thoughtful vision for the future of this part of our beautiful beach front. I can visualize fewer vehicles and more pedestrian friendly areas with analogous commercial developments. I have not been involved in the process thus far so I greatly appreciate the information provided on this website. I absolutely agree with this vision and I look forward to the schematic design process. My thanks to the volunteers working on this project.

  2. Alan Campbell says:

    This is a fascinating plan, with exciting possibilities. But the latest date was December 2012, 3 years ago. Why has nothing been done for these 3 years?
    Also, the boardwalk between Thomas and PB Drive MUST be doubled in width. Why hasn’t the city reclaimed the easement that they already own, on the east side of the boardwalk? But if the city won’t do that, then the seawall must be moved to broaden the boardwalk.

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