PB Parks


The Pacific Beach Boardwalk and Parks Neighborhood District, aka PB Parks Project, is a community-inspired vision for the revitalization of prime commercial area located on the Pacific Beach waterfront. The site is located between Grand Avenue and Pacific Beach Drive from Mission Blvd west to the Boardwalk. The ultimate goal is a district celebrating PB culture incorporating resources for residents, visitors and local businesses, accessibility, public open spaces, improved landscape and integrated sustainability.

The vision for the boardwalk revitalization began as dream for Chris Olson, local resident and member of the PB Planning Group. He started the conversation about the project and through many community meetings a consensus for change was developed. A group of volunteer professional planners & designers from the local community was formed to develop and present the ideas gathered from the community meetings.

The goal of this process is to involve all of the stakeholders and concerned parties so that the resulting project reflects Pacific Beach as a whole and the ideas and concerns of all are taken into consideration. There has been a particular effort to involve the property owners, business owners and residents in the immediate area of the project. While this project will live completely in the public right of way, it is very important that the adjacent parties are part of the process.

Letters of support have been obtained from many of the community groups and a report containing all of the ideas and work so far is being compiled. The next step is a feasibility study which will provide vital information about the future of the project. This study will include a traffic and parking study which will provide the hard facts on what can be done in this area. The feasibility study will also include: Landscape Master Plans, a Base File Survey and Civil Impacts Analysis, Code Research & Analysis, a Community Sustainability Report and Cost Estimating.

You can learn more about the PB Parks Project on their website.