Urban Agriculture

Urban Agriculture is the Gardening component of beautifulPB.

Urban agriculture promotes health and nutrition, community interaction, and provides economic and environmental benefits. The current focus for beautifulPB is supporting community gardens.

We have identified an opportunity for a temporary “Pop-up” community garden at a location in the abandoned De Anza mobile home park. The proposed community garden can serve as a benefit to the community during the interim period while planning and design of the entire De Anza area is completed.  A petition has been created on change.org and here is a link to sign it: Click Here

We are partnering with St Andrews By-The-Sea for a garden that will provide 20 large plots for 100 people, providing opportunities to grow and nourish with organic fresh food.  This program includes gardening with the church’s onsite pre-school students,  homeless locals, and community members.  You can help us raise funds for this effort by going to our seedmoney.org page: Click here