Art in Place is a community art initiative that works to consciously integrate art into the Pacific Beach community.

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PB Bay Murals

BeautifulPB has received a grant in partnership with the San Diego Audubon Society to bring new murals into the heart of Pacific Beach highlighting the important animals and habitats we have right here in our neighborhood.
We are currently reviewing the finalists before selecting an artist/artist team to create an inspiring outdoor mural or mosaic that “brings the bay into the local Pacific Beach Community.” The budget for this project is $5,500, including a stipend for design, materials, wall prep, and labor for the mural.
The first mural will be installed at Everts and Garnet in summer 2023.

Art Maps

Maps with the location and artist information of public art in Pacific Beach have been created through a collaborative effort of Lola Victor and Hilary Dufour. In addition, street artist Jennifer Nichols has created a watercolor version of the art map. Both maps are available using the links below.

Our PB Art Tour has been adapted to help people during the COVID-19 pandemic.  We suggest you take the tour on your own using the Online Art Map as a guide.  

If you would like to get involved in this project contact Leslie DuFour at

Explore PB's Wild Side

This project is a community art project that highlights PB’s flora and Fauna–PB’s Wild Side. We hope that installing creative, and  whimsical art into the streetscape, will inspire a sense of curiosty about our natural surroundings, and a desire to care for and explore our beautiful neighborhood. Our plaques feature the animals and plants of Pacific Beach that fly, float, hunt and grow in our wetlands, streets, canyons and beaches. We feature artistic interpretations by artists young and old, who hope that their creations inspire you to learn more about PB’s Wild Side.

PB Community Aesthetic

In 2019, beautifulPB conducted a Community Aesthetic Survey.  The survey illuminated a community codeword list.  Here is the link: PB Community Aesthetic Codeword List. In 2020, this will be used as a springboard to inspire Aaron Glasson to create a mural in PB.  This is the start of our Community Sustaining Art Project.