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  • Participation in the Clean and Green PB Partnership
  • A BPB-branded trash collection bucket
  • A trash-grabber tool

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Clean and Green Partnership

Visionary members are eligible to participate in our special Clean and Green PB partnership with Don’t Trash PB. 

Visionary members are eligible to receive custom trash buckets and grabbers when they join beautifulPB. Visionary members who fill their trash buckets three times, and tag @beautifulPB and @donttrashpb in a post on social media, receive a $15 credit towards custom BPB swag.

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Becoming a member of Beautiful PB helps us to achieve a more sustainable, equitable, and beautiful Pacific Beach. Membership allows Beautiful PB to work towards these ideals through a mix of projects, advocacy, and community engagement. We hope that you will support our small organization by joining our network as a member that believes in the aspirations of Beautiful PB and can help spread the word about our work within the community. If joining as a member is not right for you, we hope that you will join us in one of our many community events that take place throughout the year.