Past Projects

The PB Parks Project is a grass roots community inspired vision celebrating PB culture and incorporating resources for residents, visitors and local businesses, accessibility, public open spaces, improved landscape and integrated sustainability. The original site stretched from Pacific Beach Drive to Grand Ave from Mission Blvd west to the Boardwalk.

The PB Murals program is focused on pedestrian crosswalk murals. These murals highlight areas of the road with a large number of pedestrian crossings. In addition to crosswalks and stop signs, pedestrian crosswalk murals are an added gesture to alert motorists to slow down, be more alert and yield to pedestrians and bicyclists.

In cooperation with The American Institute of Architecture (AIA) and the Pacific Beach Beach Planning Group, beautifulPB coordinated a 3-day event at PB Middle School with an AIA Sustainable Design Assessment Team (SDAT) to plan the future of our community. The event included community tours, stakeholder meetings, a town hall meeting and a lot of research and hard work. On the final night the SDAT gave a 2 hour presentation on mobility and design in PB

Connect PB

In 2014, beautifulPB partnered with Circulate San Diego on a Community Outreach project funded by The San Diego Foundation. The purpose is to connect PB by implementing a more sustainable transportation system that is safe, comfortable, effective and beautiful.  The project began with a workshop in August 2014 and included community outreach through January 2015. 


Student Community Survey

In 2013, students at PB Middle School and Mission Bay High school participated in a Student Community Survey to identify important issues in their community.  Students viewed trash and homelessness as the primary problems, and they are concerned about affordable housing as-well-as a polluted ocean and bay. They would like to see more student jobs, safer pedestrian and bike ways and a movie theater!

SoftGIS Data Collection

In cooperation with Aalto University, Finland (and spearheaded by Kaisa Schmidt-Thomé), beautifulPB was able to collect invaluable data through the SoftGIS program. SoftGIS methodology is is described on the GIM International website as the following:

A collection of internet-based surveys which allow the locality-based study of human experiences and everyday behaviour. SoftGIS enables the combination of ‘soft’ subjective data with ‘hard’ objective GIS data. Large datasets can be collected for the use of urban planners and other professionals interested in the development of more user-friendly physical settings. SoftGIS received the Technology Innovation Award for Web GIS at the 2011 Geospatial World Forum in Hyderabad, India, and is soon to be applied to urban areas in Japan and Australia.

View the case study in The Journal of Community Informatics.