Annual Counts

In 2015, beautifulPB started PB Counts, an annual neighborhood traffic count conducted by volunteers and community members in the western central area of Pacific Beach. It is the only community-led traffic count conducted regularly in San Diego County, and one of the few that consistently tracks all modes of transportation. 

PB Counts provide critical information about how people travel in Pacific Beach, allowing beautifulPB to more effectively advocate for key improvements to our roadways and other transportation infrastructure.

Reports and Data

PB counts are performed each year on a typical August Saturday, for two hours from 3-5 pm. Counters record traffic by type, distinguishing between vehicles, people on bikes, people walking, people on e-scooters, and other types of traffic (non-motorized scooters, etc.)

Count Materials

beautifulPB makes our count materials available for anyone to use. While some may prefer paper forms for counts, we also find that simple counter apps (available for free download at any app store) are also an easy way to conduct counts on the go.

For more information, contact our PB Pathways Coordinator Chris Olson: