Little Girl on Mural 2 Tennis Shoes

Crosswalk Murals

The PB Murals program is focused on pedestrian crosswalk murals. These murals highlight areas of the road with a large number of pedestrian crossings. In addition to crosswalks and stop signs, pedestrian crosswalk murals are an added gesture to alert motorists to slow down, be more alert and yield to pedestrians and bicyclists.

History and purpose

The first mural was painted by 120 community volunteers on September 20th, 2014 at PB Middle School. This mural marks the starting point of PB Pathways, a network of safe neighborhood routes for walking, biking and skating to schools and other community destinations. The mural provides aesthetically pleasing artwork that comes from the community where there would otherwise be none, thus improving the visual appeal of the area. The process of selecting artwork and painting the mural fosters collaboration and strengthens the community bonds by providing opportunities to bring the community together to promote health and safety.