PB Pathways Sign

Complete Streets

Complete streets are streets for everyone.  They are designed and operated to enable safe access for all users, including pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists and transit riders.  The current focus for beautifulPB is PB Pathways, a network of safe neighborhood routes encouraging people to walk, bike, scooter or skate to their destinations with traffic calming measures and other features to improve safety.

Learn more about safe e-scooter riding here (español).

PB Pathways

PB Pathways routes will be implemented in phases. In 2015, Phase I routes had installation of pavement wayfinding markers and destination signage. Curb ramps and enhanced crosswalks were also installed in some locations. In February 2016, bike lanes and street repaving came to Cass St. in North PB. Eventually, bike lanes will extend south on Cass St. to Reed Ave. Improvements will continue as funding becomes available and staging with other road work allows. Pavement markers, signage and road striping are generally easier to implement as compared to other traffic calming measures that require engineering studies and/or infrastructure improvements. 

The Phase I and Phase II PB Pathways routes have been approved by the PB Planning Group, in collaboration with beautifulPB and other community partners.